Welcome to Lifetime Deals Forum - By Sajiv

Welcome to lifetimedealsforum.com,

I am Sajiv, this forum admin and moderator. Many of you might be curious about the purpose of a lifetimedeals forums. Let me explain the reason behind creating this lifetimedealsforum.com.

I have been following the lifetime deals community for quite some time. I own several top deals and some very poor deals too. I had to do a lot of research before buying the deals by browsing through various facebook groups, youtube videos etc. There was so much information scattered across the web and it took me hours to look at one deal.

Some of the deals that I tried and refunded, those reviews were filtered out by several marketplaces. Only deals that I gave 4 stars and above made it to the product review page. Some of the deals were incentivising people with extra codes for writing reviews. Though I did not find this to be unethical, not disclosing about the incentivised review is what irks me.

Some facebook groups had fake people who were promoting useless deals. They got banned in one group and they immediately switched to another lifetime deal group and started again with their con.

Some Resellers escaped without honoring the sale. Some Resellers sold the code, then refunded it on the marketplace. This left buyers in serious trouble. Lot of Lifetime Deal groups/youtube videos/influencers had affiliate links and several online sites are filled with such links. These people didn’t bother about the quality of the deal, their sole aim was affiliate commissions.

There are very legitimate people who sell their LTDs that are of no use to them anymore, it’s becoming highly difficult/impossible to find legitimate sellers. Many business owners and products are amazing, but they are not being honored.

My experiences led me to believe that my brothers and sisters, who are just starting out with these lifetime deals, must also be dealing with the same problems. Also for the experienced, Frase kind of catastrophe happens. A Few people, not even associated with the brand, were able to tarnish the image of this brand and they did it very well. How do we keep this community safe? By maintaining a knowledge repository.

We should build this forum as a knowledge repository for the Current deals, past deals and also of course future deals. My vision is to empower people with enough information about lifetime deals, so that they can make informed decisions. This will be impossible without your Support. I humbly request you to contribute your knowledge and experiences so that other people can benefit from it.

I plan to keep this Forum FREE forever and with a very minimal moderation. Yes, there are certain costs associated with maintaining this forum. So, if you like the idea and would like to support with Donations, you can do so via the Donate button at the bottom of this forum.

I also want to make this forum inclusive. My friend and I are the only ones currently managing this forum. So, we also need people from the community who can moderate the forum. If you can support through donations you are welcome and if you are willing to invest your time to build and manage this community, you are welcome. Kindly send an email to admin@lifetimedealsforum.com with a small introduction about yourself and why you would like to become a moderator.

I believe that it is high time that we Shame the scammers and honour the outstanding. That’s the reason to have a hall of fame and a wall of shame. Let’s also do weekly polls to vote and identify the best deals. Any idea to improve this forum is welcome. Most of the features are available to every member. So, start by creating your account NOW!